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Guest: Peter Arthur

On November 1st , Peter Arthur will  join us to talk about the “Pedagogy  of Care”.  As Director of Professional Programs and Summer Institute in Education, as well as being the Professor of Teaching in the Okanagan School of Education, UBC, Peter will share what “Pedagogy of Care” is, why it is important, and how you might show care for students in your own teaching practice.

Tune-in 12 Noon PT on DS106 Radio  and listen with the link:

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a photo of Dr. Peter Arthur

Dr. Peter Arthur


Show Notes



Larsen, Andrew Shayne, “Who Cares? Developing a Pedagogy of Caring in Higher Education” (2015). All Graduate Theses and Dissertations. 4287.

Listener Challenge 

“Think about what you are already doing to show care for students in your learning context. What other thing could you do or try?” Please share #LunchableLearning and #ds106radio or post in the web site blog comments.


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  1. leval

    Listener Challenge

    Think about what you are already doing to show care for students in your learning context. What other thing could you do or try? Please share #LunchableLearning and #ds106radio or post here in the blog comments.

  2. Helena

    I really enjoyed the conversation with Peter on Pedagogy of Care.
    One small thing I have done to show care, is adding an audio file when I give feedback to assignments. In return, students have mentioned that they really enjoyed receiving the audio feedback and felt it was a nice personal touch. I still use a rubric and provide written feedback, but I add an audio file that is under 1 minute with a word of encouragement as well as a note “for next time”.
    I would like to consider more ways to make virtual office hours flexible and meaningful. I have limited time available for “after hours” meetings and admire Peter for his flexibility and for making himself available throughout the week AND weekends!

  3. leval

    What I already do to show care for online students is to do a “check-in” with them at the start of class but I’d like to explore something that warms up them up more to talk but in a low stakes way (for all us introverts) and provides a warm and welcoming ritual (predictable and comforting) to the start of our time together.

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