Monday May 2nd Lunchable Learning hosts Leva Lee and Helena Prins are back together for a special extended 60 minute program!  Tune-in at noon as they welcome guests Steven Bishop and Shannon Cox from Douglas College to kick-off the conference “Better Together: Partners in Learning”.  

“Better Together” is a college-wide themed week of learning, collaborating, and sharing. It’s a first for Douglas College and expresses the desire to rekindle a sense of community and common mission after two years of physical distance and isolation. 

Programming includes keynote speakers, interactive workshops, panel sessions, radio shows and more. While the conference is an offering  for Douglas College faculty, staff and administrators, the themes discussed will certainly be of  interest to everyone in the post-secondary sector and a few select sessions are open for those who wished to register, based on availability.   See the conference program here:

Learn how the “Better Together” conference came to be, how it is a result of  a huge collaborative effort between many groups and what organizers’ hopes and highlights will be for the week. Tune-in  as we celebrate with song the affirmation that we are all indeed “Better Together”.   #LunchableLearning #ds106radio 

Show Notes