We are delighted to be launching a new project this fall, a live weekly web radio show called “Lunchable Learning,” which starts October 4 at noon on ds106 Radio. The goal of “Lunchable Learning” is to provide post-secondary educators with professional learning in a new and fun format that explores and models digital literacy and a curious, experimental mindset. The radio show will aim to:

  • Raise awareness of current hot topics in B.C. post-secondary education
  • Feature guest interviews with individuals from the post-secondary sector
  • Highlight tools and tips for teaching and group facilitation
  • Encourage experiments with teaching and learning strategies through challenge activities
  • Provide resources on show topics for listeners to read and explore further

As well, the show’s hosts, Leva Lee and Helena Prins, will be sure to play a few select tunes to energize and inspire listeners over their lunch break. To tune into “Lunchable Learning,” go to the radio show website and click the Play button.

“Lunchable Learning”: Trending topics, tools, and tips for those who teach and love to learn, brought to you by BCcampus.

Twitter:  #ds106radio #LunchableLearning